All Weather Roofing Compound

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All Weather Roofing Compound - 5 Litre 

Product Overview:


This general purpose bituminous All Weather Roofing Compound is resistant to water almost immediately after application, so can even be used and applied throughout winter. Also, its fibre reinforcement contains organic fibre to add strength and stability

All Weather Roofing Compound can be used to seal or reseal most types of roof coverings and can be used with a bituminous glass fibre scrim or rot-proof hessian reinforcement scrim


. Resistant to water almost immediately

. Resistant to extremes of temperature

. Does not crack in direct sunlight or cold weather

. Can be used for Roofing Felt, Asphalt, Fibre and Corrugated Iron sheets, Zinc, Copper, Lead, Tin and Slates

The All Weather Roofing Compound is available in 5-litre tins and supplied in boxes of four tins. That makes 20 litres of this highly rated product available for selection by choosing the All Weather Roofing Compound option that is available on this web page.

Order this product and you will receive a total of 5 litres of high-quality All Weather roofing Compound.

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