Bitumen Mastic

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Bitumen Mastic - 5 Litre

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Bitumen Mastic - 5 Litre 

This is a solvent-based black and heavily filled fibre-reinforced bituminous compound for filling joints, cracks, holes and splits in roofing and building materials. Usually applied with a trowel or putty knife. The Bitumen Mastic can be used for Roofing Felt, Concrete, Fibre Cement, Corrugated Iron, Asphalt and Metallic Guttering and Pipes.


. Can be used to fix and repair most building and roofing materials

. Ready straight from the tin

. Easy to apply

. Good for sealing, bonding, waterproofing and filling

. Develops a flexible surface skin

Order this product and you will receive a total of 5 litres of high-quality Bitumen Mastic

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