Easi Torch Sand Finish SBS Polyester Torch on Felt

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EASi–Torch SBS Polyester Sand Finish, almost impossible to tear, available Roll Size: 7.5m x 1m x 38kg (4mm thick)

Product Overview:

EASi – Torch SBS Polyester Sand Finish

(Almost impossible to tear)

Available Roll Size: 7.5m x 1m x 38kg (4mm thick)

SBS (Styrene – Butadiene – Styrene) Modified Bitumen

Intended use: Cap/Top/Underlay Sheet

Fixing Method: Torching on/Cold Felt Adhesive

Flexibility in low temperature: - 10*c

Finishing Bottom side: Plastic Foil                     

Top Side: Fine Sand

No side strip

Life expectancy: 15 years + when applied as a 2 layer system

Always unroll and line up the product allowing it to settle before rolling back up and applying heat

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